Chicken Fried Tuesday Dinner

We are doing it again! Last time we sold out in 8 hours! Don’t miss the Fried Chicken Tuesday Dinner on December 12th. Get your tickets now. Delicious menu includes: Pitman Farms Fried Chicken, Sour cream and Onion Mashed Potatoes with Giblet Gravy, Johnny’s pickle plate, Poppy Seed Slaw, Lardass Biscuits, Sauce, Sauce, Sauce and for dessert – Buttermilk Pie with Poached Cranberries.


Clove & Hoof does Brunch!

Word on the street is that at Clove & Hoof, we brunch so hard, that ish cray…and it’s TRUE. We’ll be doing brunch for y’all every Sunday at 10, so come see us for your hangover cure. On the menu along with our regular items: Pig face Monte Cristo Porchetta di testa, ham, Swiss, strawberry…


Dining for Justice Special May 5 & 6: Chorizo Meatball Grinder

Chow down on a chorizo special in honor of “Dining for Justice”. John really went all out this time and is bringing you the Chorizo Meatball Grinder: charred tomato sauce, ramp cilantro crema, pepperjack cheese and flamin’ hot onion crisps on a hero roll. This is one special you absolutely shouldn’t miss – seriously, its hella tasty…and 5% of Clove and Hoof food sales goes to the cause on Saturday 5/6 and Sunday 5/7.


Donations for the Oakland Fire

We’ve been fortunate to be a part of the wonderful, inclusive, spirited community of Oakland. Our hearts are breaking for it after this senseless tragedy, and we want to be a part of the healing process. On Thursday, 100% of our profits will go towards victims of the fire. We will be working with the Oakland A’s who will match any donations. We will also match your cash donations with a Clove & Hoof gift certificate. Come enjoy a meal with us that gives back.


Oakland’s dining is hot. Is it even hotter than SF’s?

Get a taste of Oakland’s most exciting restaurants. San Francisco has long been the epicenter of the Bay Area’s food scene — a place where restaurateurs delight and dazzle the tastebuds of diners seeking culinary adventures. But in recent years, with the cost of opening a restaurant in the city skyrocketing, chefs have looked to less expensive locations for their innovative ventures. And they’re especially moving across the bay to Oakland.


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