Nicasio, CA

Our rabbits are raised free of hormones or antibiotics and are fed a pelleted feed along with grass and hay to ensure complete nutrition. We work with a local feed mill to produce the pelleted feed to our specifications. It is free from corn, hormones, or antibiotics; however, the feed cannot be certified organic at this time, due to certain components being unavailable as organically certified.

Our rabbits are selectively bred to be of excellent quality, large-framed and meaty. They are a combination of three breeds: Rex, New Zealand and Californian. Californian and New Zealand breeds are related and currently are the most popular commercial meat breeds due to their fast growth. The Rex breed, while being an excellent meat breed, is particularly known for its fine fur. Our Rex rabbits have a very mellow temperament. This is useful in their mothering and nurturing their young and in handling in general. While they grow somewhat less quickly than the New Zealand and Californian breeds, we use the Rex to add hybrid vigor and positive temperament characteristics. Additionally, some feel that the meat from Rex rabbits is firmer and better flavored than that of the other meat breeds, which could be due to the Rex’s slower growth.



Dixon, CA

Our lambs free-range and are raised organically without growth hormones or antibiotics; the same way it has been done with the Emigh’s for the past four generations. We have been raising a consistent product of 100% naturally grass fed lambs to create a premium, 100% natural grass fed product.

We have non irrigated hill ground and irrigated pasture ground. The pastures are all natural and never have any herbicide, pesticide, or fertilizer sprayed on them. I run about 2-3 thousand mother sheep that have their lambs in the non-irrigated hill ground between October and April. When the ewes with lambs are just a few weeks old, they are put on the irrigated pasture in the early fall. They grow there until the winter rain starts, making the grass grow in the non-irrigated hills.

When there is enough new grasses started (usually end of Dec, first part of Jan) they are moved back to the hills. Then the lambs are grown out there until April to May +/- depending on the feed conditions. They are then weaned from their mothers and finish out on the irrigated pasture ranch. The lambs are always on green feed keeping them on a steady growth schedule. They are never given hormonal growth stimulants or antibiotics.



Chico, CA

Our pigs are a cross of Duroc, Yorkshire and Landrace breeds. Our hogs are fed GMO-free vegetarian grains and legumes, 90% of which are grown on our dry-land fields within a few miles of the barns. Pigs are confinement-free, raised in deep-bedded hoop barns with continual access to large open air pastures with plenty of sunshine and a great view of the California Buttes. The pigs are a “zero-waste” community, as all bedding is composted and applied to Rancho pastures.

Our animals are humanely treated with best practices as certified by Global Animal Partnership. We direct every aspect of our product supply chain from “piglet to parilla”: from animal birth through slaughter, butchery, recipe creation, production, marketing and distribution. Our animals are slaughtered in a small-scale, abattoir, a short 20-minute drive from the Rancho, ensuring a stress-less and humane death. Our meat has no antibiotics or growth hormones. Llano Seco is the culmination of our mission to provide a variety of products while caring for the people, the animals and the land. We pride ourselves in our holistic approach to ranching.



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